SecondMarket Hub



While building the checkout product, we noticed that companies and funds wanted an easier way more communicate to their investors to let them know how things were going. This communication includes both updates and documents.

My Role

I have been the lead UX designer on this product from April 2013. I was involved from the very initial stages of product discovery to the ongoing research, prototyping, and usability testing. The hub is completely responsive and utilizes the bootstrap framework.

The Product

The SecondMarket Hub is a self-serve product for companies and funds to distribute updates and documents to their investors. It includes a blog-style updates page for users to send updates that can be specific to a group of people, and a way to bulk-upload documents.

Key Takeaway

  • Words Matter

    Users want to make sure that information (especially sensitive information), is destributed to the right people. Having clear text helps the user feel more secure that they aren't making a mistake.