Plan it

Plan-It is an application to help plan dinner menus. It was an individual project designed to practice various HCI methodologies.

Selected Process

Research & Synthesis

I conducted Contextual Inquiries with 3 people who were experts at planning meals to see how the process is done and where the breakdowns are. One major finding was that expert meal planners start planning with a meal structure in mind while less experienced people do not. Some breakdowns included not knowing the right quantity of food to make, and forgetting ingredients when going to the store.

Planit affinity

Visualizing a Solution

Before making the interactive prototype, I created a storyboard to show the scenario of use where the app would be used. This was helpful to begin visualizing how the prototype would look.

Planit storyboard

Flex Prototype

I then created an interactive prototype in Flex to test the idea, and also conducted several Think-Aloud studies to improve the overall usability.

Planit screenshot
Project Details
Date: Fall 2011
Class: User-Centered Design & Evaluation
Skills: Competitive Analysis, Contextual Inquiries, Affinity Diagramming, Think-Aloud Testing, Storyboarding, Interaction Design