A mobile application to help parents manage their kids carpool schedules, and also gives the parents security that their child arrived safely.

Selected Process

We began the discovery process by conducting interviews with a couple of parents and found that managing carpool schedules is a difficult task. Parents wanted more information about where their kids are, but did not want to be obtrusive.

Divvy paper prototypes

Wireframing and Iteration

With all that in mind, we came up with preliminary wireframes on a whiteboard, then transferred it to a paper prototype. We then conducted think-aloud studies on the paper prototype to see where we could still improve. The design was then iterated upon a number of times, both to increase usability and enhance the visual design. We began with a paper prototype, moved to an interactive prototype in Axure, and then did a number of iterations in Photoshop before arriving at the final design.

Divvy evolution
Project Details
Date: Spring 2012
Class: Interaction Design Studio
Team: Linda Le, Nir Rachmel
Skills: Interviewing, Personas, Paper Prototyping, Think-Aloud Testing, Interaction Design, Wireframing