à la mode

à la mode is a digital magazine created specifically for the iPad

Alamode cover

Selected Process

Learning the landscape

The first stage was to conduct a competitive analysis of the eMagazine space, and more specifically to look at current eMagazines that are food-related. We found that many current eMagazines out there had extremely cluttered layouts, which is something that we wanted to avoid.

Determining the Target Users

To help understand who we were designing for, we created 2 personas. Deborah knows how to cook, but she is not very technology savvy. Our second persona on the other hand is tech-savvy, but needs help learning how to cook. We wanted our app to cater to both types of people.

Alamode persona

Creating a Design Language

We created a moodboard to help understand how we wanted the magazine to feel. It was extremely helpful in getting to our end color pallette.

Alamode moodboard

Iteration to the Final Design

We iterated on our designs a number of times, starting with paper sketches of different layouts then moving to digital versions.

Alamode outline
Alamode page
Project Details
Date: Fall 2011
Class: Interaction Design Fundamentals
Team: Aditya Gujaran, Kyle Libby, Kelsey Lee
Skills: Visual Design, Typography